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Tax investigations remain as prevalent as ever, and this is set to continue if HMRC are to hit their target of closing the £7 billion tax gap.

Tax investigations look into every aspect of your business causing untold disruption and posing complex and invasive questions for you to answer.  Not only can tax investigations be lengthy, but the fees involved in representation can quickly mount up.

As a practice we take great care over preparing tax returns but, despite this, no one is immune from HMRC. Investigations can be selected at random and, in the Revenue’s eyes, you are ‘guilty until proven innocent’. The nature of these inspections means that they can be on going for many months or even years, and can require a lot of preparatory work in order to satisfy the Inspector’s questions. The fees for this work are then your responsibility to pay, whatever the outcome of the enquiry. We have an excellent record when it comes to dealing with HMRC and are dedicated to fighting your corner if you are involved in a dispute.

Our Tax Investigations Service allows you to protect yourself from these professional fees, and offers you peace of mind should the taxman come knocking. The service enables us to provide full professional representation on your behalf in the event of a tax enquiry by managing correspondence and meetings with the HMRC officers to ensure you receive the best possible result.

As an additional benefit of subscribing, you’ll also have access to a free 24/7 Business Legal Helpline covering Employment Law, Health & Safety and Commercial Advice.

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